The organic pattern of natural stone drives people to imitate it, especially in areas inadequate mine resources, artificial stone products look extremely realistic, but careful observation is easier to distinguish:

1. The artificial rock pattern does not have any layering, and the layering is certainly unmistakable.

2. Artificial stone rose spinning, the colour is the same, no change.

3. A couple of traces from the mold lining on the back of the artificial Granite Marble Stone Slab Wall panel.

4. How to identify natural stone dyeing (additive):

a. The stained rock is bright, however, not natural.

b. The amount of dye penetration is seen at the fracture of the plate.

c. Dyed stone generally adopts stone with poor stone quality, large porosity and high water absorption rate, Natural Black white Stone Tray which can be discriminated by tapping.

d. The same variety of dyed rock is leaner than natural rock.

e. The oil covered with oil to increase the gloss includes a grease on the back.

f. The stone covered with film, however the gloss is high, however the strength from the film isn’t enough, easy to put on, scratches in the light.

g. Applying wax to increase the gloss of the stone, baking with a match or a fireplace, the wax surface area is lost, chitrust and the initial appearance exists.